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Category Archives: Childhood Education


Homeschool Versus Traditional School: Which Is Better?

As a Pre K in Chantilly, Virginia, allow us to compare home and traditional school so you can decide which setting is more appropriate for your child. Homeschooling has a student-based curriculum adaptive to the specific needs and areas of...

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Why Equip Kids with Tech Skills for Globally Employability

Tech is an essential part of life today. Yes, some might argue that giving kids some screen time might do more harm than good to their attention. However, there are also studies emphasizing the benefits of using tech on the formation and training...

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Evening Routines to Help Pre-K Kids Excel

An excellent bedtime routine plays a crucial role in helping kids recover from the day’s stress. If you’re still in the process of inculcating this habit in your children, you can start by enrolling them at a montessori school in Chantilly,...

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Nurture vs. Nature in Early Childhood Education

Educators and psychologists have shown that two factors shape the uniqueness of humans – nature and nurture. This is the reason early childhood training centers and Montessori School in Chantilly, Virginia usually have a wide range of activities...

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