Education Insights: What to Expect from a Montessori School?

Education Insights: What to Expect from a Montessori School?

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Education Insights: What to Expect from a Montessori School?

Using one of the popular methods of teaching, Montessori schools receive positive feedback from parents with its play-based and character-focused trainings. Many kids can also testify to the fun environment, which is different from the formal classroom setting. If your kids are supposed to enter preschool soon, enrolling them at a Montessori School in Chantilly, Virginia might be a good move. Why so? This kind of pre-k setup gives your kids a lot of things to enjoy.

  • Play-Based Approach to LearningFor starters, the play-based environment of a Montessori preschool in Chantilly is extremely attractive for kids. Whether they’re an introvert or extrovert, teachers can give them apt games to get them moving.
  • Self-Paced but Guided InstructionKids at a Montessori child care in Virginia are given more opportunities to discover their full potential as they focus on their own growth and abilities. There won’t be any comparison. Competition isn’t encouraged, and learning is individualized. Teachers are just there to facilitate the learning process and answer questions.
  • Character-Focused TrainingLastly, one of the best things about the Montessori teaching method is the fact that it focuses on character development. Here kids will be equipped with life skills, such as leadership, initiative, teamwork, independence, and critical thinking. They can use these soft skills well into adulthood.

Preschool plays a huge role in a child’s life. So give your kids an excellent head start by availing of a Montessori training for them. If you’re residing in Virginia and are looking for a school for them, you might like to consider Maple Lawn Montessori of Chantilly. The school has been integrating Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and STEM methods of teaching, making sure kids will be fully equipped with life skills after their preschool years.

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