Fun Games and Activities to Learn Numbers

Fun Games and Activities to Learn Numbers

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Are you ready for some fun learning activities?

Children love to have fun, and this can be used as leverage when it comes to learning. Knowing about numbers can be difficult for some or easy for others. But, with engaging activities, kids can enjoy the process.

Here are some fun activities to introduce and practice numbers with your child.

  • Numbers in the neighborhood
    As you walk along the community, point out and read aloud the numbers seen on the mailboxes, curbs, doorways, road signs, and so on.
  • Rhyming numbers
    Rhymes can be a treat to memory. For kids, introduce them to rhymes using numbers. Some common examples include “Five Little Ducks” or “Hickory Dickory Dock.”
  • Numbers in meals
    Numbers can also exist in meals. Try cookie numbers for their next snack or number nuggets for their next meal to help them recognize numbers while eating.
  • Drawing time
    Writing down the numbers may need more practice for the kids, but every writing activity can be fun when they draw the digits down using colors and other materials.
  • Games with numbers
    Playing with other kids can be a fun learning activity. Counting numbers through hiding and seek or group number games can get them to learn numbers while having good physical fun.

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