Helping Kids Prepare for Their Pre-K Journey
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Helping Kids Prepare for Their Pre-K Journey

Get Your Kids Ready For Montessori Education With These Tips

et Your Kids Ready For Montessori Education With These Tips

Montessori education can easily be considered as a fun and memorable way to start your kids’ lifelong journey as a learner. At a Montessori School in Chantilly, Virginia, they’ll have various activities, either independent or as a team, that will help them discover their talents and skills. But before they can enjoy all these, they must be ready. Here’s how to help them prepare for this pre-K journey:

  • Give them montessori-like experiences at home.Give them short classes and play with them. And remind them that this is one of the things they can expect from their preschool in Chantilly. It’s also good to include their friends. With this before school care, they’d be able to overcome their their “first-day” anxieties.
  • Equip them with the educational supplies they need.With everything they need inside their bag, kids will feel more confident as they walk inside the center for child care in Virginia. They’d also be able to do tasks as they’re given if they have all the supplies they need, which develops their self-esteem.
  • Set their expectations.Before they formally join their peers during the start of classes, take your kids to the preschool. This helps them familiarize the environment. Don’t hype them up too much. Why? This will cause frustrations when the experiences at school don’t live up to their expectations. Also, it’s good to assure them that you’d pick them up after school. This will help them feel at ease, knowing that you’d meet them at the end of the day.

Are you now looking for a reputable provider of Montessori education in Virginia, US? If yes, you might like to consider the programs at Maple Lawn Montessori of Chantilly.

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