How You Can Reduce Your Child’s Tantrums
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How You Can Reduce Your Child’s Tantrums


Being a provider of high-quality child care in Chantilly, Virginia, we understand the stress that tantrums bring on your children as well as on you, parents. While it is a normal part of growing up, there are boundaries by which tantrums should be acceptable. Below are some of our expert tips on reducing tantrums.

Avoid letting them see things that may pique their interests or something that you don’t want them to play with. Prevention is better than cure, so keep your valuables in drawers with latches or on top cabinets.

Like what Montessori preschools and child care in Virginia promote, it is essential to have a routine every day. Stick to it from the moment they wake up until they sleep.

Once in a while, it is normal to have to deviate from the routine you created. However, there is a workaround. You have to plan the day. For example, make sure they are well-rested and full if they need to run errands with you.

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