Montessori | Infant Care | Chantilly, VA
Creating a nurturing environment for infants
little boy playing with toy

Maple Lawn recognizes that infants are capable and active learners. Our program provides enrichment that allows our youngest students to joyfully explore, play, and discover as they reach developmental milestones. Our nurturing teachers provide individualized care and schedules that best fits each infant’s needs and emerging abilities and interests.

Our infant classroom utilizes the nationally renowned Frog Street curriculum, and daily activities include:

Our Infant program is designed to promote the bond between the teacher, the infant, and the parents as we understand that a loving, trusting relationship is the most essential part of our infant programming.

At Maple Lawn, we design learning environments that keep the infant safe while allowing for exploration and discovery. The classroom has many developmentally appropriate centers full of toys and furnishings that accommodate the safety and needs of crawlers, walkers and almost-walkers.

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