Montessori Preschool | Preschool | Chantilly, VA
Adding joy to learning!
Cute little children playing in kindergarten

At Maple Lawn, we believe preschoolers learn through play. Students engage in fun activities all while expanding their minds and exceeding developmental milestones. Utilizing the nationally renowned Frog Street curriculum, our preschool daily schedule includes activities that facilitate language, math, STEAM, social-emotional, fine/gross motor development. 

In addition to fostering our students’ budding minds, Maple Lawn teachers also teach students to care for themselves and others. Students develop a sense of community by learning to kindly and safely navigate relationships with peers and teachers all while understanding that their individuality is valued and celebrated in the classroom. Students learn to express and take care of individual needs to gain independence and confidence, and they learn to communicate with each other and with teachers to express their concerns and ideas in a loving, supportive environment. At Maple Lawn, our priority is for each student to feel cherished and empowered as this is the foundation of a successful learning environment. 

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