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Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, designed a seamless, well-structured scientific, and humanistic teaching approach based on years of research and observation about how children learn. The Montessori program is based on self-directive, non-competitive, and cooperative activities that help a child develop a strong self-image, high level of cooperativeness, high level of academic and social competency, and the confidence to face challenges with optimism. Encouraged to make decisions at an early age, children are cultivated to be problem solvers who can make appropriate choices, accomplished time managers, and skilled to work well with others. They are competent and confident to exchange their ideas and discuss work freely. These positive communication skills build the foundation for negotiating new settings.

Basic Tenet of Montessori Education

  • A child learns best in an enriched, supportive environment through exploration, discovery, and creativity with the guidance and encouragement of a trained and caring staff.

Goals of Montessori Education

  • To cultivate each child’s natural desire to learn, acquire and master skills, learn responsibility and cooperation, and foster strong, positive feelings about oneself and others.
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