The Importance of Arts in Early Childhood
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The Importance of Arts in Early Childhood


Art is an important component in a child’s development and can offer myriad benefits. This is why at Maple Lawn Montessori of Chantilly, a high-quality day care in Chantilly, Virginia, we put our best efforts into incorporating arts into our programs, along with other means of fostering creativity in your little ones.

Here, we not only focus on providing a top-notch preschool in Chantilly, Virginia. We also see to it that we assist parents in optimizing children’s learning and development.

In light of that, below are reasons why art is important in early childhood that we, specialists in child care in Virginia, can share:

  • It can serve as an emotional outlet.
    Allowing children to engage in an art project provides them with a peaceful avenue for expression. Through it, kids can focus their efforts on making something and take pride in both the product and the way they express their feelings.
  • It develops fine motor skills.
    Kids develop their fine motor abilities as they grip crayons, use glue sticks, and cut out shapes. These activities lay the groundwork for essential life skills like writing, typing, and perhaps even playing an instrument.
  • It promotes critical thinking.
    Art promotes critical thinking by requiring children to mentally picture what they want to create and how to accomplish it. Moreover, they must think about what they can do with the provided materials, which color combinations to utilize, and more.

Should you need more information about this and other tips concerning child care in Chantilly, Virginia, we are the ones to call.

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