The Importance of Play-Based Learning for Children
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The Importance of Play-Based Learning for Children


Play is a spontaneous and joyful activity that involves objects, symbols, and even social connections. Play is crucial to children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development.

Children should be allowed to play because it is their legal right to do so. We must allow children to experience the enjoyment and joy of playing, especially at a young age. Some parents mistake play for a distraction that steals their children’s attention away from learning. But the actual truth is play helps children learn and develop their talents more quickly.

So, when it comes to choosing preschool in Chantilly for your child’s early childhood education, make sure you choose the one that gives your children plenty of opportunities to play and learn at the same time.

One of the best options for your child’s early education is by choosing a montessori school in Chantilly, Virginia. This is because a Montessori school promotes play-based learning. Play-based learning is not solely based on free play, as free play alone is insufficient to foster academic learning. But the combination of free and supervised play provides the ideal atmosphere for supporting children’s cognitive growth and development.

Maple Lawn Montessori of Chantilly is a child care in Chantilly, Virginia, that practices the Montessori method. By utilizing the Montessori method, we can help maximize your child’s potential by letting them learn at their own place and play with their peers, allowing them to broaden their minds and inspire creativity within their thoughts.

We also offer pre-K in Chantilly, Virginia, to help children become ready for the challenges that await them in kindergarten.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our preschool in Chantilly, Virginia, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 703-955-7202.

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