What Makes Montessori School a Great Learning Ground

What Makes Montessori School a Great Learning Ground

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What Makes Montessori School a Great Learning Ground for Toddlers

In the US, a growing number of parents enrolling their kids at a Montessori School in Chantilly, Virginia has been talking about the program. But what really makes this Pre K program a great learning opportunity for kids? The reason lies in the program’s three main principles of learning – self-directive, cooperative, and non-competitive.

  • Self-DirectiveAt a preschool in Chantilly, children are just given the resources they need and the learning objectives. They’re not subjected to strict timelines to complete their tasks. Giving them free rein on their tasks is a way to develop their independence, creative thinking, and curiosity. Instead of always sitting listening to the teacher, kids learn to take on a more proactive role in their learning process.
  • CooperativeAt an infant care and Montessori school, learning isn’t teacher-centric. Instead, it focuses on collaboration between students and teachers. As kids are encouraged to direct their own learning pace, they’re also trained to ask questions and guidance from facilitators. This trains them to seek expert help early in life and accept guidance and criticism positively.
  • Non-CompetitiveAs kids are trained to be cooperative and independent, they’ll also learn to appreciate the learning process of their peers. At a child care in Virginia, kids are trained to see education as a long-term personal growth initiative, not as a way to compete with others.

Studies show that Montessori education is an effective early childhood education method because of these three learning principles. If you’re now looking for a reliable school offering this type of learning opportunity, you can rely on Maple Lawn Montessori of Chantilly. A school that integrates STEM and web-based training in pre-k programs for kids.

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